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Check Me Out

by Katie

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The Lion King will be released in theaters on Sept 16 for a limited time in an all new 3-D version and then go to Blu-ray & Blu-ray 3D on Oct 4 for the first time ever.  In celebration of the all new 3-D version and in honor of Father’s Day, here are complimentary “Lion King” Father’s Day cards for you to print! The Lion

Aurora World Plush Toys

Summer is here and that means for some of us it is Road Trip Time! Luckily, there are some companies out there that really think of kids when it comes to travel and Aurora World Inc just happens to be one of them. Recently, Aurora introduced their “Are We There Yet” line which features plush toys, backpacks, neck rests and “My Name Is” ID tags

The Red Envelope

Wow, in no time at all Father’s Day will be here – It is seriously right around the corner! Sometime Dads are hard to shop for. I know my Dad is. Not that he is picky, but because I want to get him something he will enjoy, something he will remember, something he will use because he means the world to me and I want

You know you want them…Brusters Coupons! At Brusters – Buy a Cake and Get 3.00 off or Get a FREE Pint of Ice Cream! Buy a Nathans Combo, get the other one half off! Click here for coupons!  

Cars not obeying traffic laws

Isn’t that what these cars are saying? “Police Officer, please give me a ticket because either I cannot read or I just don’t care about the laws!” If I was a police officer, I would be all over this road.

Pedigree Ambassador

As a Pedigree Ambassador, Chloe has been pacing the fence telling all the neighborhood dogs all about the benefits of Pedigree Dog Food. There seems to be a problem though with housemates Rosie and Maggie.  They seem to think this Pedigree Ambassadorship has gone to Chloe’s head so we will let them speak their minds today. Chloe: Seriously? But I am the Pedigree Ambassador! My